The Therachord

Therachord @ soundhealaingvibes.comThe TheraChord version 1.0 is based from a common sound therapy instrument known as a Body Tambura. Although the appearance is identical, the Therachord is designed to resonate slightly different than it’s common counterpart.
It is based from the tuning pitch of 432Hz, a tuning that allows a deeper sensation of tone than the entertainment pitch of 440Hz.  The instrument is designed to lay upon the body and is made of lightweight wood that is comfortable.
The sound vibration from the Therachord is a pleasant non-evasive feeling and it can safely activate a natural reflex mechanism of shaking to release muscular tension of trauma stored in the body.
The harmonics of the Therachord are quite celestial sounding and clients often report deep profound experiences from the harmonic immersion. The Therachord has been able to relieve many types of emotional and physical energy blocks and is excellent for releasing emotional wounding passed down in family generations. It works well on people and animals.

Perhaps the greatest feature of this celestial sounding instrument is that the harmonics works well to release challenges remotely, regardless of the distance meaning  you can heal online from the comfort of your own home. Sessions are held on zoom and the instrument is streamed to you in high definition with a dedicated peer to peer audio browser. This gives you a premium harmonic immersion experience!

Brian T Collins’s harmonic techniques are unique and proprietary. He has personal experience on how to tune the beats of the instrument according to the earths lay lines, a skill developed over decades of studying standing stone ancient sites. Every location is different and Brian tunes into the earth telluric currents and adjusts the intonation of the Therachord accordingly. His intuitive skills are finely tuned into the land and the healing energies of the earth.



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