The Founder

Brian T Collins is a Scottish born composer, and producer of celestial meditation music. He is an early pioneer of 432Hz music, an alternative musical tuning and is well known globally in sound healing and music communities. Brian has a unique gift called clareaudience which is the ability to hear subtle tones and frequencies not usually associated with standard hearing. He is a natural intuitive and walks a path committed to transforming the lives of many.

Brian has been playing and performing music around the world since 1980. He has extensively studied music, frequency, metaphysics, theosophy, anthroposophy, geomancy, dowsing, astronomy, sacred geometry, and archaeo-acoustics. Brian has a keen interest in ancient stone megaliths and temples, and he has spent a great deal of time conducting hands-on research at ancient sites around the world.
He is also a Keynote speaker at international retreats on the subjects of ancient sound healing and hidden histories covered under the Ancient Stones of Destiny series. Brian has been labeled by others as an authority on the subject of 432Hz music tuning, and he has personally changed countless lives around the world with his Celestial Meditation Music and unique life experience and wisdom.
Brian T Collins is humbled to have inspired positive change for musicians, authors, film makers, leaders of  industry, scientists, law makers, doctors, healers, earth conscious activists and entrepreneurs and by example, set a few trends along the way.

“Hi there, Brian here, I have scored soundtracks for television, composed and recorded for government self-help videos, and had numerous Canadian television appearances on CITY TV, CTV, Channel 47, CFTO, TLN, and Much Music. I’ve performed in countless venues, concert halls, and arenas in North America as well as Great Britain and Mexico, and I’ve performed for such corporate clients as IBM, AT&T, Nortel, and Mercedes Benz. Please know I’m not saying all of this to brag. Rather, I want you to have full confidence that what I am sharing with you here at Sound Healing Vibes REALLY WILL change your life.”



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