Sound Healing Subscription

The sample above is an mp3 of the audio stream performed LIVE of the Harmonic Sound Experience in realtime.
Listen in a relaxing place, or if you are a sound practitioner, plug this into a sound vibration bed.


Calm The Mind, Clear Stress & Boost Productivity!

Why am I doing this?  My philosophy is we are all helping each other home!

I saw such struggle and I realized that most people have a hard time getting into a meditative state, and many people need to clear away emotional blocks and beliefs out of the mind, body & nervous system. I felt compelled help others with my gifts.

How am I doing this!  With 38 years experience in music, I pioneered a proprietary method of harmonic soundscapes for wellness clients & practitioners using a custom built sound therapy instrument, ambient keyboards and vocal toning to induce a meditative, mood enhanced state quickly.

What do you get? The Harmonic Sound Experience streams mood enhancing Theratones™ & music chanting performed LIVE, right to your mobile device or computer so you or your team can improve personal development & boost productivity. This helps the day flow on the go, or induces a relaxed state of mind from the comfort of your own environment.

What can it do? The harmonic sound experience helps to calm the nervous system and mind. The actual harmonics assist the listener to enter a natural state of awareness which can help lower cortisol levels & build resilience to stress whilst boosting productivity.

Can anyone use it?  Yes! As long as you have a stable internet streaming connection on your end, I deliver 48k high resolution audio stream right to your device or sound vibro-acoustic bed.

Who is this service for? Committed people who see the value of short term return on their wellbeing and productivity. This subscription is perfect for sound bed owners, sound healers, small business owners, professionals, coaches, energy workers, health practitioners, yoga studios, spas, wellness clinics, meditation centres, trauma & mental health centres, or anyone who wants to improve their personal & professional development.

How can you enhance your own profession?
Let’s say Sarah had a yoga studio, Becca had a professional therapy practice and Kevin had a vibro-acoustic sound bed.
Despite being different niches, all three business owners could utilize this unique service to add value to their own toolsets for clients & employees, creating a signature solution in their own business. Signature solutions attract more clients for them.
They could even use this service as an addition to live group events, retreats or workshops.

What about small or corporate business? It’s a statistical fact that employee stress is costing billions of dollars in lost revenue and productivity. A business owner could use this service to boost the performance of their employees, whilst decreasing the number of sick days taken. Let’s say Steven has a brokerage that requires fast paced decision making under pressure environment. Employees who are more resilient to stress can be more productive in a high paced work environment. Even a 10% increase in performance with less sick time could mean a potential 100-500K rise in sales over time. How much is it truly costing long term as a business owner to leave potential income on the table?

Do you have to be a business owner or practitioner to use this service?

No, anyone who is committed to healing can use this service to enhance their quality of life.

Use this to

Calm the mind
Attain a meditative state quickly
Enhance positive mood
Boost productivity
Reduce stress & anxiety
Relieve sleeplessness
Move energy blocks
Reduce emotional wounding
Attain heart coherence
Feel grounded

Each Session is 30 minutes. Broadcast LIVE every Wednesday  at 11am,  2pm & 4pm PACIFIC time.

Your audio session will be broadcast in high quality to your computer or mobile device. You also have access to our private facebook group for support and to access archive recordings on dropbox.

$97 US per month, cancel anytime, CLICK HERE.






Harmonice Sound Experience -Authentic Sound Healing



$97 US per month, cancel anytime, CLICK HERE.