Animal Wellness

Healing a Bear with the Therachord @ Sound Healing VibesAnimals are here to teach us unconditional love  and we love our animals like we love our children. Animals know only kindness and sometimes we may have a pet that has suffered a trauma or a shock from a previous owner or accident.  My mission with the animal wellness program is to assist your animal in letting go of any blocked energy brought on by environmental conditions or trauma. Animals have no ego to interfere the process of transformation like a human does, therefore acceptance of the process happens quickly. Sometimes an injured or traumatized animal can become very fearful of people or environmental conditions.

I may be able to assist your animal to release blocked energy.



Sessions are one hour in length. 30 minutes actual Therachord integrative sound session & 30 minutes combined pre & post consultation. We allow a cool down period, allowing your pet to fully integrate the experience of the session.

The Therachord is an instrument that safely activates a natural reflex mechanism of shaking to release the muscular tension of trauma or stress stored in the body.

Here are some examples of working with animals to release challenges.

Working with a horse to release past injury & trauma

Working with a rescue dog.

Working with a sick bear cub.


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