Unlocking The Ancient Art of Sound Vibration for True Life Transformation

Quantum Musicology is an exclusive premium service that delivers high end results to improve your quality of life. Using tailor made coaching programs unique to you, Quantum Musicology provides in-depth structure for you to get the outcome you desire. You benefit from comprehensive sound vibration techniques that NO OTHER service currently provides today.

You state of mind is enriched by a deep meditative natural relaxed state of being which can assist you to consciously listen to your higher intuition for better clarity and life path choices. 

 It has been called the next evolutionary step in sound transformation and coaching…  

That’s a mouthful, I know! But it really is quite exciting.

What Is Quantum Musicology All About?

Here’s the truth…

It’s not just sound healing, it’s multi-dimensional transformation.

The latest discoveries in quantum and super string theory are revealing that all matter in the universe vibrates. The planets, the sun, and yes…even you! These vibrations are the ‘music’ of the universe. You are, in essence as a metaphor, a sound-score of frequency, performing on the world stage in a musical universe…

Humanity is, in essence, a cacophony of vibration right down at the atomic and quantum levels, and we must oscillate in sympathy with the vibrant natural environment around us to feel grounded. Raising your vibration in new age meditation practice is simply not enough! We need the power of oscillation through sound to regulate our bodies rhythm so our conscious awareness expands to new heights of higher intuition.

Although positive affirmations are effective, the power and meaning of words have been altered over the centuries so sound and natural tuned music is the true pure universal healing medium that transcends all language and cultural boundaries. It is formless, yet has form and structure; it is intangible in substance, yet invokes tangible emotions that affect and can alter our lives.

 Today there are hidden frequencies that can block you from uncovering your natural life path. Modern-day stimuli bombarding us 24/7? Cell phones beeping, emails popping, advertisements coming to you from the TV, radio, computer, and even your phone; every second of every day we are being tapped on the shoulder by relentless gadgets and equally frazzled people reminding us to add something to our never-ending to-do lists. Now, imagine this down to the quantum scale, fundamentally changing you at an atomic level.

The fact is, as human beings, we are just not designed to handle all of these modern, foreign stimuli attacking us from every angle, day in and day out. How are we meant to see through the cloud of unyielding electronic data demanding our time and attention?

In all of modern life’s fast pace, how do we experience true peace, allowing us to see our life’s goals clearly and achieve true personal greatness and wellness? When do we even have time to take a vacation from our cluttered thoughts? When do we take time for ourselves…a true timeout? If we do not change our stressful  ways, the inevitable result is illness.

Meditation and the power of positive thought has been used since antiquity to change the outcome of ones destiny and bring focus and peace of mind.  Sound is the most purest form of attracting a meditative state and many doctors now prescribe music therapy as a way to assist you to heal yourself. Sound healing is becoming a very popular way to speed up recovery process in health and wellness.

Brian T Collins suggests that sound and music in the ancient distant past was originally intended as a form of healing and connection to higher cognitive function. The frequency of certain ancient stone instruments created inaudible tones that affect brainwave function. His hypothesis was that music was originally not meant as only a form of entertainment as it is today. Ancient instruments used tones that created geometric sound frequency ratios for healing and spiritual enlightenment.

If Meditation and Sound can assist healing then what is so different about Quantum Musicology?

Here’s How It Works…

Have you even seen how a singer can shake a glass with their voice? This happens when the fundamental pitch of the glass matches the pitch of the singer and the glass shakes in sympathetic vibration. Quantum Musicology uses a similar sonic technique to resonate the body to induce a relaxed and deep peaceful state of mind. Once in this state you can gain incredible insight into your life path. The harmonics benefit the body and mind, while allowing you to access a higher state of consciousness for enhanced intuition.

Humanity was once in balance with nature and imitated the natural environment by building temples and sacred circles of stone to enhance natural harmonics and resonance for higher awareness. Sacred places were built on the earth’s natural harmonic grid lines which enhanced the emotional wellbeing of whole communities. By embracing these lost wisdoms, we can achieve a balanced state of mind that returns us to a natural state of wellness. Brian Created Quantum Musicology as a means to bring that ancient transformational experience back to life.
The secret and success to Quantum Musicology is in the harmonics and clairaudient ability of Brian T Collins to accurately assist you to clear your challenges and unlock your full power and potential.

Brian uses a special technique to balance your chakras, clear your shadow elements and cut the external ties of interference in your life. He then works to integrate more vital life force energy into your bio resonant field. His technique goes beyond traditional sound healing and life coaching. The result is magical and miraculous transformation.

Although sound can be defined as compression waves by modern science, there is much more to sound regarding spacetime and the sensation of tone than just measuring it by mechanistic means… Sound created a certain way can produce a profound effect on life, and life itself cannot be measured!


Sound is not a wave as shown in text books. In reality, it moves outward from the source as a bubble.
Sound bubbles create geometry as they interact with the environment and regardless of belief, our bodies can naturally recognise frequencies that resonate better with sacred geometry. We are literally embodied with sound geometry. There is a reason that human beings can “feel” music due to it’s geometry…

Did you know there was also an important code of numbers and acoustic geometry hidden deep within the movements of music and the sensation of tone? Although this ancient secret was hidden, it has had more emotional influence on humanity than any other mystery since the introduction of fire.

It’s why Brian T Collins has dedicated close to three decades unlocking the hidden mysteries of ancient sound healing. His personal life mission is to bring those ancient healing mysteries of the past back to life… From an early age Brian was fascinated by the myth of Orpheus who could heal and soothe man and beast alike with his music. Brian’s goal was to recreate that gift… He uncovered the path that the ancient Irish druids used for sound healing through the ancient megaliths of stone, he tracked down the forgotten sound teachings of eastern philosophy, he learned the hidden pre-history of humanity…Brian went much farther as a pioneer and explorer of new fronteers. He combined new scientific, metaphysic, holistic and intuitive approaches to sound healing and music creation. His self branded niche of “Celestial Meditation” music has helped tens of thousands worldwide improve their quality of life and much much more…

If you would like to know more about the nature of quantum consciousness please watch this video about the nature of reality.