Reframe Reality Program


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The Reframe Reality program is a premium package of tailor made services to suit your exact needs so you get results…

I am sure you can agree that true life change takes time and there is no such thing as a magic pill that solves life challenges in a day. To change a lifetime requires a more deep dive intensive process. To serve you at the highest level, Brian T Collins works on your foundational elements to free up blockages both physical and multi-dimensional. We will work together on getting to the root cause of your big challenge and anchoring in your true destiny. In this 90 day process we will work on your 3 core elements, your purpose, prosperity & partnerships. We will solve your 4 pillars to success. Namely, your fitness, family, finances and faith. These seven foundations combined are the key to living an authentic and rewarding lasting legacy.

Program Details

The Reframe Reality program comes with three 90 minute one-on-one transformational  sessions per week to help you achieve your big dream and solve your big challenge. (30 min Therachord + 60 minute catalyst coaching) Brian T Collins uses masterful techniques to reframe the reality to change your universe. He uses proven techniques of pattern interrupts to alter your mindset around hidden beliefs and limitations.  Even if your big challenge is a physiological one, the root cause can be usually be attributed to past multi-dimensional events that are attracted into your life via symbolic archetypes as road signs to resolve. when released you can begin to live the life you always wanted through this dynamic and custom made life changing system.

What to Expect

Clients have reported different sensations from the pleasant non-evasive acoustic sound vibrations. Some experience a light tingling as energy meridians become unblocked, others report seeing colours or geometric shapes when they close their eyes, some report seeing into past lives, vivid landscapes and at times, recalling an life path event that caused trauma in childhood. These type of experiences are not negative and it is the subconscious way of releasing trauma from the body, mind and spirit. When this happens, an autonomous trauma release can be triggered in the form of involuntary movements through the nervous system. Once released, the imprint that held the trauma is dissipated. Physiological and psychological change then starts to change over a period of time. The physical body is the last link in the chain and true healing takes place on the multi-dimensional fields first.
The Therachord™  sessions have been described as a once in a lifetime experience.

Further Support

This program includes the clearing of ancestral trauma held in the biomorphic resonant family fields of both parents. Every human on earth by default still holds the template of trauma & struggle left over from distant cataclysm. Our generations carry the psychic weight of our ancestral past that can appear as symbolic archetypes through bad luck or negative behaviour patterns. Even past life ‘karma’ can be released.

Using unique techniques, Brian will create a custom Life Path Music track from your personal harmonic musical tones based on your core key note harmonic structure attained during the Therachord™ integration sessions. This is a 30 minute track you can use in manifesting your reality or envisioning your big dream. The Melodies are unique to you and you can use your track in infinite ways for you to get results…

You will have access to your very own harmonic blueprint key code to call in the desire you want for your Life Purpose, Prosperity or Authentic Partnerships all through a sublime custom made  meditation track. This helps you connect to your higher instinct to give you a relaxed state of mind for clarity about your current life path choices.

Spaces for this program are limited and on a first come first served basis. Enrolment is by interview only.

Anchor your big vision today and let’s work together to bring your vision to reality today!