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Each Life Path Personal Growth session is 90 minutes in total. (30 mins Therachord™ session + 60 minute support session. The support sessions are recorded so you can access the value provided. Harmonic readings taken from your Therachord™ session will reveal the multi-dimensional origins of your challenge and Brian T Collins will give personal growth support techniques to master.

Our mission for the Personal Growth Program is to balance and harmonize your true purpose, prosperity and partnerships. These are your 3 core foundation elements to improve your quality of life. We work one on one to anchor the outcome you desire through the 8 Sessions over 4 weeks.

What is the Logistics of the Session?

The sessions are done in person or remotely by phone, or ZOOM.  The session is by remote, the power of the integrative harmonics work just as well by distance as they do in person.  Please use good headphones with a hi-speed internet connection or good phone signal. Place yourself in a comfortable, relaxed position. I suggest you use a familiar safe environment and you can cover yourself with a light blanket to keep warm.

The acoustic sound vibrations are non-evasive with no negative side effects. The facilitator then plucks the strings in a proprietary way causing harmonics to induce a relaxed state of mind and body. At 30 mins the facilitator finishes the session.

There is no talking for a minute, allowing you to fully integrate the experience of the session. When ready, the client should slowly attain an upright position and the rest of the consultation can begin in comfortable surroundings.

How Often are the Sessions?

There are total of 2 sessions per week for a total of 4 weeks. The first session works on clearing blockages and the second anchors your life force vitality. Both come with Q&A Support. Sessions are usually Monday and Friday.

What Immediate Results to Expect

Clients have reported different sensations from the pleasant non-evasive acoustic sound vibrations. Some experience a light tingling as energy meridians become unblocked, others report seeing colours or geometric shapes when they close their eyes, some report recalling past lives, vivid landscapes and at times, recalling a life path event that caused trauma in childhood. These type of experiences are not negative and it is the subconscious way of releasing trauma from the body, mind and spirit. When this happens, an autonomous trauma release can be triggered in the form of involuntary movements through the nervous system. Once released, the the frequency that held the trauma is dissipated. This is known as a trauma release event or T.R.E.

Clients often report a reframe of their reality where circumstances suddenly clear allowing progress and rapid growth. Others have reported miraculous healing, sudden improvement in quality of life etc.

The Therachord™  sessions have been described as a once in a lifetime experience.

Further Support

This program also includes one custom written affirmation to unlock your hidden potential and one guided meditation talk over with Brian T Collins’s unique brand of celestial music that you can use in your own meditation or spiritual practice. This gives you ongoing support for anchoring your manifestation.

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