How often are the online sessions?
There are 2 sessions per week for a total of 4 weeks. Each session is 90 minutes.

What are the Logistics of the Session?

The sessions are hosted on ZOOM conference platform. If you do not have it, please get it free HERE. The sessions are held remotely by internet connection.

What do you need?

You must have a good high speed internet connection. You are responsible for the connection quality on your end. Make sure to use a good pair of headphones that do not distort the sound. You can also cover yourself with a light blanket to keep warm. All audio streamed over the internet is compressed. For this reason, we also record the online sessions in high quality and then send the recording via dropbox.

You can get dropbox free HERE:

Distance Sessions: This is a quantum event, spontaneous action occurs regardless of distance. The power of the integrative harmonics work just as well as they do in person.


 Disclaimer: Please understand that this service is not intended as a replacement or alternative to current medicine or therapy. Quantum Musicology does not treat, cure, advise, diagnose or prescribe. If you have a medical condition or disorder, please consult a licensed professional practicing under the laws of your legal jurisdiction.