Emotional Wound Clearing


My mission is to assist you in releasing accumulated emotional attachments to stressful situations. Until resolved, you can often repeat patterns to satisfy the attachment, or even attract an undesirable character into your life that can harm your sensitive and loving nature.
New studies in science shows that genes can store ancestral trauma passed down in our bodies. Stress and emotional wounding is not just imagination of the mind, it can seriously affect a highly sensitive person (HSP) like an empath or introvert.

As sensitive people, we can play out emotional woundings into the emotional environment like actors on a stage.  Family dynamics or drama can trigger a stress response of your bodies sympathetic nervous system. The body can store that stress in the nervous system and left unchecked, it can become the body default. It can even alter the brain chemistry.
Unlike animals in nature, people can build habits based on emotions developed during “fight or flight” situations and those emotions can cause a trigger of negative behaviour as a response to the overload which may rule our very lives and possibly hinder our destiny. Can you relate?

Most highly sensitive people, empaths or introverts deal with isolation as a result of too much over-stimulus and often when there is no relief, depression and even illness or addiction can sometimes result. Often the emotional energetic cause of these habitual effects is overlooked.

I may be able to help.

My goal is to assist you to let go of what is no longer serving you in a safe and non-invasive way to get you real results.

Quantum Musicology Emotional Wound Clearing Method worrier to warrior in 30 daysI focus on moving through three core elements of the human condition namely the physical  realm, mental realm and spiritual realm. When All 3 are in balance your can manifest your true gifts, purpose and potential and live free from fear, drama and negativity. You will gain resilience in your environment and a new perspective on the nature of empathy and compassion.

The Emotional Wound Clearing Method runs for 4 weeks. There are two online sessions per week via  the Zoom online Platform.
(In person sessions are also available to clients in the Vancouver BC area)

WEEK 1 – Learning how to consciously listen to your body.

WEEK 2 – Clearing ancestral wounding through generations & families.

WEEK 3 – Letting go of negative emotional patterns.

WEEK 4 -Empowerment of Positivity.

Enrolment is on a first come first served basis as there are a limited number of spots for each program. This service in unique, so please be committed investing in yourself.

For less than the price of an average laptop you can finally release what has been holding you back your years.

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