Emotional Wound Clearing

We all have a past. Our mission is to assist you in releasing personal and trans-generational negative patterns often repeated down through family systems and relationships. Until resolved, we often repeat these patterns, or attract an undesirable character trait through relationships.
New studies in science shows that genes can store ancestral trauma passed down in our bodies. Stress and emotional wounding is not just imagination of the mind. Cell memory created by stress can live in the nervous system. Unlike animals in nature, people can build habits based on emotions developed during “fight or flight” situations, those emotions can then cause negative patterns of behaviour which may rule our lives and possibly hinder our destiny.

Our goal is to assist you to let go of what is no longer serving you in a safe and non-invasive way to get you real results in 30 days. We use a proprietary systems of acoustic sound waves and tailor made guidance to break habits that may hinder your life.

Online group sessions are a powerful form of coaching to be able to release unwanted behaviour in a safe and private way. Studies have shown that group transformation can be faster and more effective than individual sessions alone. There is power in numbers.

Groups sessions allow you to connect to a larger field of transformational energy.

The Emotional Wound Clearing Program runs for 4 weeks.  There are two online group sessions per week via  the Zoom online Platform.

WEEK 1 – Learning how to consciously listen to your body.

WEEK 2 – Clearing ancestral wounding through generations & families.

WEEK 3 – Letting go of negative emotional patterns.

WEEK 4 -Empowerment of Positivity.

Enrolment is on a first come first served basis as there are a limited number of spots for each program. There is a high demand for this service, so please be committed investing in yourself.

If you prefer one on one sessions, please inquire now.

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