Ancestral Clearing Program

We all have a past. My mission is to assist you in releasing the ancestral collective wounding trauma templates left over from past cataclysm, war and ancient tribal conflict. This is a powerful shamanic sonic journey of releasing personal and trans-generational patterns often repeated down through family systems and relationships. Until resolved, we often repeat patterns or attract an undesirable character trait through relationships as a symbolic archetype waiting to be released.
Acoustic sound tuned a certain way to earth grid harmonics can be a powerful tool to access the deep ancestral collective wounding stored in the epigenetic templates and information fields that may influence our true core purpose and partnerships. There is now a great progress forward in new science to show that genes can store ancestral trauma. My intent is to assist you to let go of what is no longer serving you in a safe and non-invasive way.

To use a metaphor, life is like a symphony. If part of your harmonic field is out of tune, the rest of the orchestra suffers disharmony. Like wise, when you are not in coherence with your natural frequency state, your core purpose and relationships can become dissonant.

I will use a specific instrument he had designed to facilitate this unique and powerful ancestral work.
The instrument used during the session is similar to an ancient multi-stringed monochord or a modern tambura. It’s tone is quite cosmic with crystal or bell like harmonics. It is known as the Therachord™. You are invited to attain a relaxed position in a safe and quiet environment and when you are ready, I pluck the strings in a proprietary way, causing harmonics to induce a relaxed state of mind and body. This will allow you to consciously listen to your body and sense your challenge. I will then coach you in an intuitive manner using skills I developed over a lifetime of study into ancient shamanic practice.

The program runs for 4 weeks. Sessions are on a first come first served basis. Spaces are limited.

How often are the Sessions?
There are total of 2 sessions per week for a total of 4 weeks. Each session is 60 minutes in total. (30 min Therachord™ sound session + 30 minute Q&A support.

What are the Logistics of the Session?

The sessions are hosted on ZOOM conference platform. If you do not have it, please get it HERE. The sessions are usually held remotely by internet connection. On rare occasions you can visit and have the enhanced experience of the Therachord live. Most clients have had profound results never having experience the instrument in person. After the session we go through a cool down period, allowing you to fully integrate the experience of the session. When ready, your should slowly attain an upright position and hydrate if possible.

What do you need?

You must have a good high speed internet connection. You are responsible for the connection quality on your end. Make sure to use a good pair of headphones. You can also cover yourself with a light blanket to keep cosy. All audio streamed over the internet is compressed. For this reason, we also record the online session in high quality and then send the recording via dropbox.

You can get dropbox HERE:

What immediate results to expect?

Clients have reported positive sensations during the sessions. Some experience a light tingling or feelings of hot and cold as natural energy meridians become unblocked, others report seeing colours or geometric shapes when they close their eyes, some energy workers or sensitives report seeing into past lives, vivid landscapes and at times, recalling a life path event or even an event that caused trauma in childhood. Some have phantom recall of psychosomatic symptoms as the original harmonic trauma template is released in the field.
This is usually represented in the body in the form of a Trauma Release Event or shake, which is a natural biological response all higher order life does to release trauma stored in the body. These are temporary sensations that only last a few minutes after the session. There are no lasting negative side effects and the acoustic volume is not loud enough to cause any damage or lasting condition.
A limited number of clients have reported no sensations at the time, but then a miraculous or sensational transformation in hours to a few days afterwards. Each session is unique as no two people go through the same life changes or evolutionary path. Results also vary according to a persons lifestyle and belief system. This is a co-creative process and you must be open minded and willing to do the work to change.

Disclaimer: Please understand that this service is not intended as a replacement or alternative to current medicine or therapy. Brian T Collins and Quantum Musicology does not treat, cure, advise, diagnose or prescribe. If you have a medical condition or disorder, please consult a licensed professional practicing under the laws of your legal jurisdiction.

Distance Sessions

This is a quantum event, spontaneous action occurs regardless of distance. The power of the integrative harmonics work just as well as they do in person.

What is the investment?

We recognise that most of humanity wants to be saved rather than healed, and there is no such thing as a magic pill or quick fix. True change takes time, and the most effective way to get authentic change is to enrol into a program. As this is a unique results based tailor made service, I recognise that doing one or two sessions once in a blue moon does not truly serve you at a higher level. Why put a bandaid on what truly needs stitching? Pricing is based on the outcome and the value provided to solve your challenge. Most people will spend many thousands on material things like TV’s, computers etc, but when it comes to preventative wellness, few invest much less in themselves, which can cost them greatly more in the long run.
For that reason alone, Quantum Musicology is not for everyone. I only enrol clients who are 100% committed to solving their challenge and open minded to working together to overcome that challenge in a deep and profound way. If this sounds like you, and you want to truly improve your quality of life, step forward and enrol today.
If you want to try out Quantum Musicology you can take a single session and $100 would be deducted from the price of the program if you choose to continue, once you see how QM can benefit your life.

A single session Investment $220 US Dollars.

Ancestral Clearing Program  (8 session package).  Investment $1100 US Dollars. (You Save $660)


Once you pay for your session, please book your session using the setmore calendar below.

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Blessings, and I look forward to seeing you let go of what no longer serves you!